Principal Investigator

 Dr. Gholamreza Rouhi



Research Assistants
Ayda Karimi  Alireza Yahyaiee  Mohammadreza Rouhi
 Mohamadali Bagheri 
 Tahereh Mirzaie
M.Sc. Student


Current Students
Milad Sabbagh
 Ph.D. Student  

Hossein Jokar
 Ph.D. Student  




Pedram Akhlaghi
M.Sc. Student

Setareh KhorshidParast
M.Sc. Student
Rozhina Azadkia
M.Sc. Student 







Former Students:

Reseacrh Assistant/Associate:

1. Mustafa Sasal (PhD), Numerical analyses on a semi-mechanistic bone remodeling theory, Sep.2008-Dec. 2009, University of Ottawa, ON, Canada (He is currently a consulting engineer with Water Resources at Morrison Hershfield, Ottawa, ON, Canada)
2. Mustafa Abbasi (MASc), The effects of subtalar joint fixation on tibiotalar joint biomechanics: FEA, Sep. 2011- Feb. 2014 (He is now a PhD student at the University of Denver, working in Cardiac Biomechanics Lab)

Visiting Student:

Ehsan Soodmand, Investigation on the biomechanical aspects of an arthrodesised ankle joint, PhD student at Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany (Jan. & Feb. 2015)

PhD Students:

1. Nicholas Ali, Predicting Risk Factors of Non-contact Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries during Single-leg Landing Sep. 2007-Dec. 2014 (co-supervised with Prof. Gordon R. Robertson, School of Human Kinetics, University of Ottawa, ON, Canada)
2. Sanaz Mosafer, Design, fabrication and test of a novel instrument applicable in colon minimally invasive surgery, Sep. 2010-Sep. 2016.

M.Sc. Students:

1. Ali Vahdati, Numerical analysis of trabecular bone remodeling including cellular accommodation effect, Sep. 2004- May 2007, Sahand University of Technology, Iran (Dr. Vahdati is currently Research Associate at Ocular Biomechanics and Imaging Laboratory, Cole Eye Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA)
2. Kristina Haase, Finite Element Analysis of Orthopaedic Plates and Screws to Reduce the Effects of Stress Shielding, Jan. 2007- Dec. 2009 (Dr. Haase is now a Post-Doc fellow in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Massachusetts, USA.
3. Kaveh Pouakbar, Carbon nanotubes in bone tissue engineering, Sep. 2007- June 2008, Amirkabir University of Technology (Dr. Pourakbar did his PhD at the University of Calgary in Mechanical Engineering Department, and now is a Design Analyst at Beta Machinery Analysis in Calgary, Canad)
4. Seyyed Amir Hooshiar Ahmedi, Investigating the effects of vibration on bone sensor cells deformation: from cells to molecules, Sep. 2007-Dec. 2009 (Mr. Hooshiar is a PhD student at Concordia University, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, QC, Canada)
5. Mahsa Keivan Bahari, Structural optimization of proximal femur using level set method, Sep. 2007- March 2008 (Sharif University of Technology, acting as a co-advisor; she has in industrial job in Tehran)
6. Nima Jamilpour, Is artificial bone made by CNTs and collagen fibers a suitable choice from bone remodelling point of view?, University of Semnan, April 2008- Oct. 2010 (Mr. Jamilpour is currently a PhD student at the U of Arizona, Tucson)
7. Coren Walters-Stewart, A study of angular momentum and external moments as balance control indicators during a ballet turn, Sep. 2007-Dec. 2010 (Ms. Walters-Stewart is currently a PhD student at the School of Human Kinetics at U of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine)
8. Kwan-Ching Geoffrey Ng, Hip impingement, bone remodeling and optimal bone configuration (co-supervised by Dr. Mario Lamontagne), Sep.2007- Dec. 2010 (nominated for the best thesis award in Ottawa-Carleton Biomedical Program- Mr. Ng is currently a postdoctoral  student at University of British Colombia in Mech. Eng. Department)
9. Jeffery XianJie Li, Bone – implant interaction: stress-shielding and bone remodeling theory, Jan. 2008- Dec. 2010 (nominated for the best thesis award in Mechanical Engineering Program at University of Ottawa; Mr. Li has in industrial job in Toronto now)
10. Mohammad Ashtiani, Mechanical Approach to the Taylor Spatial FrameTM – Components and Motion Mechanisms, Amirkabir University of Technology, Jan. 2010- Sep. 2011 (Mr. Ashtiani is currently a PhD student at Sahand University)
11. Ahmad Chitsazan, The effects of subtalar joint fixation on tibiotalar joint biomechanics, Amirkabir University of Technology, Sep. 2010- Jan. 2012 (Mr. Chitsazan is a research associate in my lab)
12. Shabnam Samsami, Fixation techniques of the femoral neck fracture and their effects on bone healing process, Sep. 200-Feb. 2013 (Ms. Samsami is studying for her PhD in Ludwig-Maximilians-University)
13. Behnoud Haghighi, Finite element analysis of orthopaedics screws by considering bone remodeling process: investigating the stress shielding effects, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Sep. 2010- Oct. 2012 (co-supervised with Prof. M. Tahani)
14. Atiyeh S. Safavi, The effect of mechanical vibration on the differentiation and proliferation of mesenchymal stem cells in to chondrocytes, Sep. 2011- Oct. 2013 (Ms. Safavi is a research associate in my lab now)
15. Shima Hejazi, The effect of gastrocnemius muscle force on ankle biomechanics in a fused subtalar joint, Sep. 2011- Jan. 2014 (Ms. Hejazi is a research associate in my lab now)
16. Fateme Jazinizadeh, An investigation on bone metastasis: simultaneous application of experimental and theoretical approaches, Sep. 2011- Jan. 2014 (Ms. Jazini is a research associate in my lab)
17. Pooya Abdi, Investigating the effects of low level laser therapy (LLLT) on the interaction between bone and implant: a theoretical study, Sep. 2011- Feb. 2014 (co-supervised with Prof. Khosroshahi- Mr. Abdi is now a PhD student to the University of Tehran)
18. Dooman Akbarian, Effects of disc arthroplasty on the biomechanics of cervical spine: a finite element study, Sep. 2011- May 2014 (co-supervised with Prof. Mousavi from University of Tehran; Mr. Akbarian is now a PhD student at University of Texas, SA)
19. Amin Baseri, Intramedullary nail or locking compression plate is better to be used in distal tibia fracture: a finite element study, Sep. 2012- June 2014 (Mr. Baseri is now a research associate in my lab)
20. Mohsen Amani, Designing, manufacturing, and testing an efficient bone screw using Hap-Ti coating technique, Sep. 2011- June 2014 ((co-supervised with Prof. Samandari)- Mr. Amani is now working as an Engineer in Pisghaman Pezeshki Pardis, an Iranian company active in producing orthopaedic implants)
21. Azin Zargham, Simulation of orthodontic tooth movement using bone remodeling theories and finite element analysis, Sep. 2011- June 2014 (co-supervised with Prof. Gerami, from University of Tehran, Faculty of Dentistry- Ms. Zargham is now working as a research associate in my lab)
22. Sadegh Saaberi, Designing and manufacturing a more efficient articular cartilage scaffold, Sep. 2011- Sep. 2014 (co-supervised with Prof. H. Keshvari; Mr. Saaberi is a research assistant in my lab)
23. Farhad Ghadami, The effects of substrate’s material on micromechanical properties of laser deposited hydroxyapatite coatings, Sep. 2012- Sep. 2014 (co-supervised with Prof. S.S. Samandari; Mr. Ghadami is a research assistant in my lab)
24. Mohammad J. Ein-afshar, Biomechanics of cortical bone drilling: in vivo data acquisition and FE modeling, Sep. 2012- Jan. 2015
25. Jalil Nourisa, Biomechanics of LC-LCP and LC-DCP: an in-vivo and FEA investigation, Sep. 2012- Jan. 2015
26. Nima Yakhchalian, (Mechanical Engineering Department, AUT), Design and manufacturing a novel intramedullary nail for femur (co-supervised with Prof. Alizadeh from Mechanical Engineering Department at AUT), Sep. 2012- Feb. 2015
27. Yasaman Moharrer, Mechanical properties extraction of electrodeposited hydroxyapatite-silica on the magnesium alloy used in bone implants, Sep. 2013- Feb. 2015 (co-supervised with Prof. S.S. Samandari)
28. Hadi Taghizadeh, The effects of subtalar joints’ fusion on the performance of ankle arthroplasty, Sep. 2012- Sep2015.
29. Behnam Asghari, Biomechanics of impact loading on human skull: experimental and FE investigation, Sep. 2012- Sep2015.
30. Mehdi Rajaei Jafarabadi, Comparison of effects of low-level laser therapy and whole body vibration on bone remodeling process - An in-vivo study, Sep. 2013- Sep2015.
31. Zahra Kanani, Evaluation and optimization of anastomosis in large intestine surgery by finite element method, Sep. 2013- Jan. 2016.
32. Hoda Mosleh, Bone Fracture Prediction of Reconstruction with Cement Bone Using QCT, Sep. 2013- Feb. 2016.

B.Sc. Students:

1. Ryan Lewinson, Biomechanics of snow shovelling, Jan. 2009- Dec. 2009 (Co-supervised with Prof. G. Robertson- Ryan is doing his PhD at the University of Calgary, Canada, in the Faculty of Kinesiology- Human Performance Laboratory)- this work was recently featured in various media, such as in: CBC news, OCanada (
2. Mohammad Sadegh Z Yekta, Mechanical properties of healthy and damaged articular cartilage using confined compression tests, Amirkabir University of Technology, Sep. 2010- April 2011
3. Jalil Nourisa, Optimizing the shape of locking compression plates using finite element method, March 2012-Oct. 2012 (he is a master’s student in my research team)
4. Matin Ein-afshar, Mimicking the in-vivo condition for the fatigue testing of spinal fixation implant, July 2011-Oct. 2012 (he is a master’s student in my research team)
5. Mostafa Rabbani, Mechanical testing of orthopaedic screws based on ASTM standards: determining the torsional properties of orthopaedic screws, March 2012- Oct. 2012 (he is a master’s student at AUT, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering)
6. Hosseinali Ramazanpor, Evaluating a novel method of bridging in dentistry using finite element method, March 2012-Oct. 2012 (he is now a master’s student at Iran University of Science and Technology)
7. Hoda Mosleh, Determination of the mechanical properties of bone metastasis tumors using Digital Image Correlation, Feb. 2013- Sep. 2013 (she is now a master’s student under my supervision)
8. Zahra Kanaani, The effects of the presence of PLL in the gap between bone and a dynamic compression plate on the bone-implant stability, Feb. 2013- Sep. 2013 (she is a master’s student in my research team)
9. Samira Moez, Finite element analysis of bone-graft-implant system in large defect of a long bone, Feb. 2013- Oct. 2013 (she is a master’s student at IUST, Tehran)
10. Shima Doorandish Yazdi, An investigation on the bone marrow mechanical properties in different zones of the femur, Feb. 2013- Oct. 2013 (a master’s student at the University of Tehran)
11. Morteza Nazari, A modification on tibia intramedullary nail in order to reduce the stress shielding effect and to decrease bone healing time, Feb. 2013- Oct. 2013 (he is a master’s student at AUT, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering)
12. Nakeesa Hassanzadeh, The effects of bone plate geometry and the position and number of bone screw on bone-plate mechanical properties, Feb. 2013-Oct. 2013 (she has an industrial job)
13. Nazanin Daaneshvar-Hashjin, Biomechanical investigations on three different methods of proximal femur neck fracture fixation in young adults, Feb. 2013- Feb. 2014 (she is now a master’s student in my group)
14. Hamideh Vafadar, The effects of pedicle screws’ geometry, and bone mechanical properties on pedicle screw pull-out strength, Feb. 2013- Dec. 2013
15. Majeed Mohsenifar, An investigation on the boundary conditions in the bone-screw system using FEA, Jan. 2014-Sep. 2014 (Majeed is now a master’s student at Sharif University of Technology)
16. Mahdi Fallahi, Design and optimization of spinal rod bender, Sep. 2014- Sep2015
17. Alireza Yahyaiee, Design and manufacture of spinal rod bender, Sep. 2014- Sep2015

18. Nesa azimi, the effects of micro to nanoscale surface modification on osseointegration, march 2016- april 2017

19. Zahra esmaeeli, The effect of screws configuration in subtalar fusion on the performance of total ankle replacement (a finite element study), April 2016- April 2017

20. Atieh Najafi Semnani, Characterization of Anti-Oxidant Properties of SLA and SLActive Dental Implants, December. 2015- August. 2017(she is a master student at University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada)

21. Mahsa Zojaji, The early effects of dental implant cutting flute on primary stability and osseo integration , Jan. 2017- Jul. 2017 (she is a undergraduate student (biology major) at UBC, Vancouver)


Current Students:

PhD Students:

1. Azadeh Ghouchani, Biomechanical investigations on giant cells tumor: experimental and FE investigations, Sep. 2011- in progress (is planned to defend by Aug. 2016)
2. Zeinab Kamal,
Evaluating the influence of muscle weakening on the Cobb angle of an idiopathic scoliotic growing spinal vertebra, Sep. 2012- in progress
3. Hossein Jokar, Changing the stabilization mechanism of dental implants by reconstruction of periodontium tissue around them, Sep. 2014- in progress

MASc Students:

1. Ayda Karimi, Comparing the Behavior of Mandible-Dental Implant construct with Mandible-Tooth Under the Effect of Impact Loading, Jan. 2017- in progress (is planned to defend by Sep.2018)

2. Tahereh Mirzaie, Investigating the effects of drilling parameters on the stability of dental implants, Sep.2016-in progress (is planned to defend by July 2018)

3. Alireza Yahyaiee, Investigation of the tension distribution on the scoliotic lumbar vertebrae bodies formed by brace forces, a finite element study, Sep.2016-in progress(is planned to defend by sep.2018)

4. Shadi Moosavi, Fatigue and stress shielding analysis of bone-implant structure by the use of finite element method, Sep. 2014- in progress (is planned to defend by July 2016)



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